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Luxury Goddess Extensions FAQ


Q: Is the hair virgin or unprocessed?
A: Yes the hair is cut from one donor with full cuticle aligned, no acid bath, no animal hair. The hair is natural, human and unprocessed. 

Q: Are the bundles double weft?

A: No all of our Goddess Extensions are SINGLE weft mainly because alot of women love for their extensions to be and look as natural as possible. We recommend single weft unlike other companies because its easier to sew with and its a more natural achieving method!


Q: Can my curly texture be dyed?

A: You can dye your curly textures but do know that some curly textures are steamed and the more heat that is added to the extensions can cause the extensions the lose its natural state!

Q: Will 3 bundles be enough for my head?

A: It really depending on the size all of our heads are shaped different sizes. Most of our Goddesses have told us that their extensions have stretched pretty far with 2 1/2 bundles, but we do recommend thick Goddess Extensions so to be safe please be sure to sew tracks close together and save whatever is left!

Q: Will the hair shed? 
A: Lack of moisture and light oils can result in shedding, even our own hair shed right? VERY minimum shedding is normal, do not cut or sew over wefts to prevent extra shedding..when cutting the wefts for installation it can result in extra shedding. Not washing the hair properly can result in shedding, heat damage , over processing or lack of light oil and conditioner will cause shedding, so be sure to apply heat protectant before the use of any heat. 

Q: Will My Hair Static?

A: If you wash your hair in hot water it can cause electric static when flat ironing your Goddess Extensions, we recommend washing your hair in luke warm or cold water and always ending with a rinse in COLD water.

Q: How long will the hair last? 

A: Goddess Extensions can last for months to years if maintained well.

Q: How many bundles for a full head?

A: 14-20 inches requires 2-3 no more than 4 bundles, 20-26 inch requires 3-4 bundles, 30+ inch requires 4 or more bundles. The same quantity with a closure or frontal to fulfill the full head look.       

Q: Can I blow-dry my Goddess Extensions? 

A: We recommend air drying your Goddess Extensions, but blow drying is optional to prevent any heat damage be sure to apply heat protectant to the hair.

Q: Is there a location for for Goddess Extensions? 

A: At this time we are strictly online, but we do offer same day instant delivery for DETROIT METRO AREAS.


Washing your Goddess Extensions first thing when you receive your package is strongly recommended. It is important that you co-wash your Goddess Extensions with HGC conditioner only and rinse THOROUGHLY with cold water.

When washing your Goddess Extensions gently run water, lightly run and scalp, be sure to let your hair dry completely before installment. 

 Sulfate Free products are the only products we suggest that you use to wash your Goddess Extensions.

    To prevent any dryness or damage to the hair stay away from any products contained with alcohol in it. It is best that you treat your Goddess Extensions with the same treatment as if it was your natural hair.

    Always wrap your hair before sleeping (HGC Bonnets), shampoo and condition (with HGC products ) at least twice a month with cold water & do not flatiron with any products other than HGC Heat Protectant. 

    Oil Goddess Extensions at least once a week with not too much heat protectant spray to keep Goddess Extensions at it's natural state. Whenever you curl Goddess Extensions be sure to use the heat protectant spray as well 

    Always comb Goddess Extensions  from the ends to the roots with a wide tooth comb or wig brush to prevent breakage & brush Goddess Extensions daily.

    When straightening your Goddess Extensions always use a small tooth comb when running down a small portion to the keep flyaways in tack. Flatiron by small portions to achieve the bone straight look you want and remember to be patient with your Goddess Extension inch. 

    When dying your Goddess Extensions be careful when combing/brushing or it can break off hair & we strongly recommend going to a professional for coloring.

    When washing your Goddess Extensions do not rub or ball your extensions,  keep your hair on a straight flow with the water (I repeat do not rub your hair or scratch it like you would your normal hair). Keep your hair straight even when wet and drying it do not ball together at all through your washing process & rub it gently straight at all times. 

    When removing always consult with a professional & we prefer coloring to be colored by a professional.

    Anytime your hair smell under your extensions from wetness, you can use 100% pure tea tree oil on your scalp (not too much because the product is strong) if you can try not to get it on your Goddess Extensions. 

    GREEK volumes are our thinner volumes and we do not recommend adding any processing to our Greek Volumes due to the hair thinning out, but bleach at your own risk.

    For Curly-Wavy HGC

    Do not exceed too much degrees straightening, we do not recommend straightening deep wave textures. The more heat that is used on all curly textures the harder it is to get the hair back to its natural Curly-Wavy pattern.


    Dear valued customer beyond is 3 easy guiding steps to follow for taking care of our curly-wavy extensions from our company.

    STEP 1. Take the extensions out of the hair tag, leaving the rubber band on soak them one by one in cold water with your recommended conditioner or collagen around 15-20 mins. DO NOT BRUSH OR COMB THE HAIR DURING THIS STEP, Soak them and let them air dry.

    STEP 2. When Goddess Extensions dry, release the extension from the rubber band carefully to prevent any breakage, open the weft in a straight line and use your fingers and go through the extensions top to ends to seprate them out.

    STEP 3. Please carefully use the wide tooth comb for care of your extensions and gently comb your extensions from top to ends. 


    Now you can enjoy your Luxury Goddess Extensions. 

    NOTE: We recommend using wide tooth combs to avoid destroying the hair, do not comb when the hair is still wet, If Goddesses follow these guidelines you will lose the curl pattern to your extensions. 



    5-7 days for processing & handling, shipping takes 7-14 business days (excluding weekdays). 


    We do not issue refunds or exchanges, once orders are shipped we can not make any changes.  

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